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The Grammar of Storytelling

We tell stories on many levels. In the present: what we do, the company’s name, presentations, the visual design, the website, web video. In the past: its history, its business story, its documentation. And, naturally, in the future. We provide the vision, plan scenarios and create the narrative of the future. There’s also the often unconscious, yet very important, indirect story: the impression we give, how trustworthy we are, if we have the ability to create good relationships that lead to fruitful business.

A story for an external audience generates attention, creates contacts, informs and sells. Directed at an internal audience, we strengthen the identity of our business and we formulate and breathe life into a common message while building a winning team.

Studio Stolterman Storytelling can meet all your communication needs, both conscious and unconscious. The core of communication is conveying your message. Be honest: do you know what your message is?


  • Message coaching
  • Process management
  • Scenario planning – future stories
  • Identity design
  • Internal communication
  • External communication


  • Verbal business card – your story, a business card with wings
  • Storytelling in texts
  • Visual design
  • Printed material
  • Web design
  • Film production
  • Illustrations
  • Film music