Storytelling – A Business Card with Wings!

Stories touch people. A well-communicated story brings your business to life and gives it character, soul and identity. It touches the heart, evokes emotions and creates relationships. A well-told story lifts you up and takes flight of its own accord, spreading far beyond your immediate surroundings. Your story becomes a business card with wings!

Studio Stolterman Storytelling works to broaden and expand the concept of storytelling. It’s all about the stories we choose to tell. And never doubt, we are always telling stories.

Our handshake. Our poise. Our gaze. Whether we keep deadlines or double booking meetings. What our workplace looks like and how our employees represent the company. The impression our website gives—our front door to cyberspace. A formulated narrative (a business card with wings) is a cost-effective investment, yet it might feel like an abstract expense. Remember though, everything we do, show, express and convey says who we are. Even the restrooms at our offices tell how we take care of our employees, our products and our clients. When our parks and public spaces are welcoming, that’s how our city and region want to be perceived. This should be both comforting and a cause for reflection!

Studio Stolterman helps our clients create their identity and strength their brand, improve their external and internal communications, clarify their operations and firmly ground their philosophy using corporate storytelling and awareness of the power of storytelling in all its forms. This is the storytelling that Studio Stolterman Storytelling believes in.

Everybody has a story. A special Story. We want to tell yours.