“I have worked with Maria Stolterman on a few films and found her to be a true storyteller. She is always well prepared and has the sensitivity for people, situations and environments required. Maria also has a genuine feeling for the harmony in video- and audio creation. You can trust the productions she delivers to always be both very thoughtful and thorough.”

Staffan Ling
Consultant Fort Knox

“A legendary music project at the turn of the millennium was “Choral Singing for Peace and Justice”. 8,000 singers from 56 countries performed the song “Across the Bridge of Hope”, a peace relay around the globe. Maria Stolterman was the author of the book on the project which had a very large international spread. She also produced the documentary on the subject for Swedish National Television, that conveyed this remarkable story. 

The opportunity to work with Mary Stolterman was a favor. She has a strong sense of the word and the people behind the written. Her sensitivity and responsiveness coupled with professionalism and humor made the work a successful joy.”

Erik Westberg
Professor at Piteå School of Music, Luleå University of Technology

“Through my storytelling Maria helped me out of the ditch. With her guidance, I know now what I want with my company and it feels good to be on the road with a clear vision and goal!”

Per Lundgren, CEO 4Kompetens